Practical information about Transylvania

What to know before you arrive in Transylvania, when you are in Transylvania, passports, visas and what kind of questions people from UK are asking about Transylvania 

Biertan fortified church seen in private Transylvania Dracula tours
Bran Castle aka Dracula Castle seen in Dracula tours and Best of Romania tours

Unique in Transylvania

In Transylvania and just in Transylvania you can find… are you curious? 

Famous people

Famous actors, Nobel prize winners, historical personalities, brilliant inventors have origins in Transylvania.


Vlad Tepes-Dracula
halloween in transylvania tour with 3 Halloween parties


Nowadays Transylvania is in European Union as a province of Romania.

Before Romans arrived here it was part of Dacia, then part of the Roman Empire, Hungarian Kingdom, Austrian Empire.

For a period Transylvania was an independent principality.


We are happy to assist with your wedding organisation here in the magical land of Transylvania.

You can chose a beautiful venue between luxurious hotels, castles or country inn.

Or you can propose in Transylvania and we have some spectacular ideas

Dracula tours in Transylvania Romania


A rich history and vibrant culture make Transylvania an exciting incentive destination. 

A country of picturesque  castles, wonderful landscapes and rich traditions in which we create unique incentive travel 

School trips

We are proud of our accomplishments with school trips in Transylvania. Some universities like West Virginia are bringing their student to visit Transylvania since more that 10 years ago. 

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Halloween in Transylvania tour with 3 Halloween parties

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